They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

How Strong is the Culture’s Hold on You (Me?)

As we studied the Exodus and applied the parallels to our life here in America, I have to ask myself – at what point am I willing to let go?  It took 10 plagues and miracles just to get them started on the journey, including seeing the firstborn of every Egyptian killed.  And it took them till the Red Sea incident to get them to trust completely.

Why would the Israelites need 40 years in the desert?  Because Egypt had such an incredible hold on them!  It took that long just to get Egypt (the world) out of them.

On a personal basis, each one of use has to renounce Egypt and embrace the wilderness.  Each one of us has to have an Exodus experience, where we leave Egypt behind and trust God to lead you through the wilderness, through the unknown.  Until you get to that place in life you are still in the land of bondage.  We live in Egypt, but we can’t let Egypt live in us!  The only reason God leaves us in Egypt is because He loves the Egyptians – like Moses, we are to be “like God” (Ex 7:1b) to them.  But, we are not to be like them.

The desert is a place of curse in one way because there are snakes, scorpions, heat, and no rain – it not necessarily a place we would choose to be on our own.  But the desert is also a place of blessing beyond all places because that’s where God is, and that is where he meets with us.  He has our attention in the desert.